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    What are the effects of temperature on VRLA batteries?

    Every industrial battery has been engineered to meet a specific design life, provided the battery operates at a recommended temperature.

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    AGM Battery vs Gel Battery - which battery technology is best for my mains powered communication site?

    Phone towers. Radio repeaters, Base stations. They all rely on some form of battery system, whether its an AGM Battery or a Gel Battery for energy storage and back-up power.

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    4 Benefits of using a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Remote Communications


    A common headache for those working on communications projects is choosing the right battery technology to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are met across different sites.

    Guaranteeing uptime and arranging maintenance can be particularly difficult for solar powered remote locations.

    Thankfully, lithium batteries have emerged as a revolutionary battery technology, promising low maintenance and superior performance. But not all lithium batteries are the same. 

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    How to correctly conduct load testing on batteries used in fire systems

    Batteries used to start pumps in fire systems play an integral role in protecting the lives of people in both residential and commercial buildings. 

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    Which Battery is best for Fire & Pumping?

    Looking for a reliable and dependable battery for your fire or pumping system? Regal Electro has the solution for the fire and pumping industry with their Valen Topin range of batteries.

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    Which Battery Tester is best for testing Communication Batteries?

    Which Battery Tester is best for testing Communication Batteries? Is there a tester I can use while my telecommunication system is still connected and live? How do I test how long my radio site batteries are going to last? Clients from the Communications market often ask these questions, and Regal Electro have the solution for you!

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    What's the Advantage of Gel Batteries in a Solar System?

    Stand-Alone Solar Systems place cyclic pressure on the batteries storage systems due to regular use and factors such as solar drought. The Valen Gel and ENDUROGEL batteries have been designed and manufactured using genuine thixotropic gel which allows them to offer true cyclic capabilities required for Solar applications. For smaller solar systems, the Valen Gel range is recommended along with the advanced Valen ENDUROGEL VRLA battery range for the larger, heavier cyclic applications.

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    New & Improved RE856 Battery Impedance Tester

    The RE856 Live Circuit Battery Impedance Tester is the dependable and ideal battery impedance tester for technicians in many different industries including Communications and Water! Innovation is key to our industry and we are continuously finding ways to improve our products and services for our clients; the RE856 is no exception.

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    Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers

    Looking for Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers? Concerned about your Battery or Battery Testing equipment product compliance? Regal Electro understand the seriousness of product compliance within the fire industry. We ensure our products are backed by certifications and standards.

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    HIOKI 3554 - What, How & Why?

    What is the Hioki 3554?

    The Hioki 3554 is an impedance tester which measures the Battery Impedance in mohms (mΩ). Like all impedance meters, the Hioki 3554 has the ability to test batteries simultaneously. It can also test within live circuit and take accurate comparative readings for early diagnosis of a battery failure.

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    How to Charge Mobility Scooter or Powered Wheelchair Batteries

    Neglecting to charge Mobility Scooter or Powered Wheelchair batteries could reduce your scooters' driving power and interrupt the freedom you've come to rely upon and enjoy! However, if you follow the instructions below, your Mobility Scooter or Powered Wheelchair will always be ready to take you wherever you need to go and when you want to go.

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    Cold Weather Deep Cycle Batteries

    It's Freezing! But are your deep cycle batteries surviving?

    With winter lurking just around the corner, we often get asked the question, how does the cold weather affect my batteries?

    The answer, will depend on the battery technology as each technology has its own characteristics. However, like human beings, all VRLA Deep Cycle batteries perform best when stored and operated at room temperature (around 20°C). To view more on the different Battery Technologies, head to our whitepaper Battery Technology Comparison.

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    How to Choose the Correct VRLA Battery Tester?

    Which Battery Tester is correct? Which Battery Tester should I use to Test my Batteries? These questions are regularly asked by our clients - the answer is dependent on which Battery technology and Battery Sizes you want to test.

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    Why do VRLA Batteries Fail?

    What kills VRLA Batteries? Why do VRLA Batteries not last? What is the reason VRLA Batteries fail prematurely? How do I ensure longevity from my Battery System?

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    The Best Battery for your Mobility Scooter


    This will depend on how much you use your scooter.

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    How to Safely Handle Industrial Lithium Phosphate Batteries

    Lithium Phosphate batteries are a relatively new technology when it comes to industrial batteries.

    Lithium Iron Phosphate formulations have proven to be safe and highly effective for energy storage applications. However, there are certain safety considerations to be aware of when it comes to handling, shipping or storing these types of batteries.  

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    How to Safely Handle Industrial VRLA Batteries

    Like most industrial batteries, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are very easy and safe to handle.

    Because the electrolyte in the battery is immobilised using either Gel or Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), VRLA batteries are considered to be ‘dry’ or ‘sealed’ and can be handled and shipped accordingly as non-dangerous goods.

    A VRLA battery is housed in a plastic ABS casing and this arrangement is considered to be rugged. However, general safety measures should always be applied when handling any industrial battery.

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    How to Safely Store Industrial VRLA Batteries

    To prevent potential damage and ensure an optimum cycle life, industrial batteries always need to be safely stored.

    VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, sometimes referred to as SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, are known to be relatively easy to store and handle.

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