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Can you charge mobility scooter batteries with a car charger?

This entry was posted on 20/11/2019 03:43:22 PM by Valen

Can you charge mobility scooter batteries with a car charger

When looking after your deep cycle battery, it's essential to ensure you use the correct battery charger.

In this blog, the team at Valen go over a few points to consider when thinking of charging your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair batteries with your car charger.


Firstly, it can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to utilise a different battery charger than initially supplied with the battery

If you are looking to replace your battery charger, you should ensure a battery specialist has approved the replacement before using it.

Mobility scooter batteries are designed to be charged by a mobility scooter charger.

The battery technology in your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair was paired with a corresponding battery charger carrying the correct battery charger algorithm. Using a different charger could damage the batteries or even cause an explosion.


Which charger should you use?

Mobility scooter battery chargers are generally multistage to ensure that the batteries are safely charged and floated correctly. Multistage battery chargers allow the batteries to be well maintained for the longest possible life.

Mobility scooters normally run on 24V (2 x 12V batteries connected in series; see the blog How to correctly connect batteries in series and parallel) battery system and have one charger input; opposed to to car battery chargers which output 12V. Each battery in the mobility scooter would have to be charged individually as well as accessed directly in the mobility scooter meaning in most cases, the seat and cover would need to be removed.

Battery chargers have a connection port relevant to their function. In the case of a mobility scooter battery charger, it generally comes supplied with an XLR or Cannon plug which is matched to the socket on the mobility scooter.

In conclusion, you may be able to use a car battery charger depending on your battery technology and charger type. However, it is not recommended unless you have had prior approval from your mobility scooter specialist.


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Written by Valen

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