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Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers

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Why AGM batteries should be used in fire systems

Looking for Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers?

Concerned about your Battery or Battery Testing equipment product compliance?

At Valen, we understand the seriousness of product compliance within the fire industry. So we ensure the following products are backed by the necessary certifications and standards.

Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT)

Battery Load Testing is mentioned in F2 BATTERY TEST in the AS1851.2012. The Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) Battery Tester from Valen is the preferred battery tester for testing in accordance to this Fire Standard.

The Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT) is designed to test large batteries by applying a constant current load. Current drain, cut-off voltage and duration may be configured and the CCOLT will monitor the voltage and time elapsed during a test. The CCOLT will automatically disconnect the load once the selected cut-off voltage is reached. Tests may be downloaded via software for reporting and analysing purposes.


Valen Topin 6-12V Battery Range

The Valen Topin 6-12V Battery range is backed by SSL Approval Certification which is updated annually to ensure it remains up to date. SSL Approval was established by Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) to support the fire protection sector for a body responsible for the listing of active fire protection equipment. Under this registration, Valen ensure their Valen Topin range:

  • Complies with equipment through physical testing and appraisal to relevant standards.
  • Recognises approvals and certifications by other national and international bodies.
  • Provides reference documentation and information which supports the various building regulations and authority requirements for 'Evidence of Suitability' for equipment used in building construction.
  • Maintains a continuous process that provides means by which the conformity of changes to products are submitted and verified.
  • Is on the register of Fire Protection Equipment, a list of products which meet the established reference.

SSL Approval makes the Valen Topin AGM 6-12V Battery range the ideal battery option for the Fire market. An updated version of this certification (afp - 1668) can be found on the Valen Topin 6-12V AGM Battery range page under Downloads.


Looking for a reliable battery supplier for your fire system? Talk to the experts at Valen.

We are proud to offer our fire system clients the highest level of technical support and we have a comprehensive understanding of providing battery back up for fire systems.  

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Written by Valen

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