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Front Terminal vs Monobloc batteries in Communication Sites

This entry was posted on 31/07/2020 03:30:51 PM by Valen

FT vs monobloc in communications

Struggling to conduct onsite installations and maintenance because you're installing monobloc batteries? Are your batteries failing because you don't have an additional source of venting available? Have you considered installing Front Terminal batteries in your communication site? 

In this blog, the team at Valen explain why Front Terminal batteries are the best solution for use in mission-critical communication sites. 


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Firstly, what is a Front Terminal battery? 

The Valen Front Terminal battery is a slimline battery with both positive and negative terminals at the one narrow end of the battery. 

The divider, designed to minimise the likelihood of an accidental battery short occurring, is located on the terminal block of the Valen Front terminal battery separating the positive and negative terminals. 

A small hole is also visible near the terminal block; this is for external ventilation and comes into operation should the battery be placed in an enclosed area where any gassing that the battery dispenses may damage equipment or instrumentation. 

The complete terminal block is then covered and protected by a plastic cover designed to fit the Valen Front Terminal battery. 

External Venting


Why would you use the Front Terminal configuration? 

There are a few reasons why the Front Terminal battery range is ideal to be installed within 19" racks for the Communication, UPS and other mission-critical power applications. 


1. Ease of installation and maintenance

The terminals are located across the front of the battery, meaning they are easy to install and maintain.

Consider undergoing voltage testing, impedance readings and torque checks all on one side, at the front of installation rather than reaching deep into the battery system, technicians being potentially injured, to access the opposite battery terminal. 

Testing FT

2. Professional installation

The slimline design allows for the Valen Front Terminal batteries to be installed neatly in 19-inch racking. Valen Front Terminal batteries work well inside communication 32RU cabinetry providing a neat and professional installation.

Being able to fit into these cabinets with ease means you can save money on your next installation by not having to replace the cabinetry also! 

3. Additional venting - reduce the chance of problems

The Valen Front Terminal batteries can be externally vented. If they are installed into a 32RU cabinet with other sensitive equipment, any gasses released by the batteries will be vented externally preventing damage to the equipment. Currently, this option of external ventilation is not available in VRLA monobloc batteries. 

4. Terminal covers and intercell links supplied

All Valen Front Terminal batteries come complete with terminal covers and intercell terminal links. There is no onsite confusion searching for additional battery components. These terminal covers and intercell links are designed and manufactured uniquely for the Valen Front Terminal battery range.

These links will also extend battery life, by providing even resistance down the string, therefore increasing the life of the batteries through even battery charge and discharges. [See also Valen Battery Equalisers]


So which one should you install?

In conclusion, each battery configuration is designed with a specific application in mind. 

The Valen Front Terminal configuration has been designed for communication systems; especially those installed in 19" rack mounts and covers all the requirements. 


Want to know more about Front Terminal batteries?

Do you need advice choosing the correct battery for your next mission-critical communication or UPS system? Not sure which battery technology you should install? The team at Valen are ready to help! 

We have extensive experience in the communications and mission-critical applications industry. Talk to one of our friendly battery experts today, simply click here to get in touch


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