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Get the most out of your mobility scooter!

This entry was posted on 10/12/2019 01:08:28 PM by Valen

Can you charge mobility scooter batteries with a car charger

Ever wondered how to make your mobility scooter batteries last that little bit longer? Wanting to get the best return on your investment? 

You're not alone! 

In this blog, the team at Valen highlight essential steps to bear in mind when maintaining your mobility scooter to ensure that you get the most from your batteries. 


1. Fully charge your Mobility Scooter Battery

Ideally, batteries should be charged every night after the scooter has been used to their full capacity, even if you have only gone for a short run. This point can not be emphasised enough. 

Your mobility scooter should be charged until the green light comes on and then left on charge for a couple of hours minimum to float charge. This float charge is essential as it ensures the battery has the maximum load and can perform to the best of its ability. 

It is best to leave the battery on charge for as long as possible. You can't overcharge your battery with modern 'smart' chargers. 

Your battery needs to be fully re-charged:

  • Before taking your first ride on a new scooter,
  • At least once a week if the scooter is kept in storage; and
  • After every drive - if the power scooter is not being used each day


2. Use the correct Battery Charger

It is crucial to ensure you are using the right battery charger for your battery technology. A 'smart' battery charger has been pre-programmed with an advanced algorithm dependent on the specific battery technology. 

Ensure you have a multi-stage charger that will be able to boost and float your battery.

Always use the charger supplied with your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair. Don't order cheap battery chargers online as these may damage your battery. 


3. Choose the correct Battery Technology

There are numerous different battery technologies for you to choose from, but only some are specifically designed for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. 

What seems to be the cheapest initial option may not always pan out to be the cheapest in the long run.

If you are a light user, using your mobility scooter for a couple of minutes once a week you would be best looking at a cheaper VRLA AGM battery

However, for heavy users, someone using the scooter or powered wheelchair multiple times a week or using it full-time, we would recommend looking at a cyclic battery such as a Hybrid or Gel battery

See our blog post The Best Battery for your Mobility Scooter

It's worth keeping in mind that while out and about, maintaining the same speed will put less drain and strain on your battery. 


The Complete Battery Guide for Mobility Aid Dealers


4. Regular service by an approved Service Agent

As with any vehicle, mobility scooter and powered wheelchairs require servicing and maintenance regularly. It is best to periodically take your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair and battery charger to an authorised service agent. 

An authorised service agent has been trained in different battery technologies and understands how to test both the battery and the battery charger. 


5. Let your Batteries cool down before Charging

If you have been for a long run on your mobility scooter, it is an excellent idea to let the batteries cool down for a while before charging them to reduce thermal runaway. 

Thermal runaway occurs when the rate of internal heat generated exceeds the rate at which the heat can be expelled. If this happens, the battery temperature will increase until the cells dry, and the container softens, breaks and melts. 

It's very unusual, though, to experience thermal runaway in a properly installed and maintained battery. 


Observing these tips will help to ensure you receive longevity and the most efficient life from your batteries saving you time and money! 


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Written by Valen

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