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How long should a deep cycle battery last for?

This entry was posted on 25/06/2019 04:20:09 PM by Valen

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Every deep cycle battery, whether it’s an automotive, VRLA or Lithium battery, is engineered to meet a specific design life, provided that the battery operates within the recommended operating criteria.

In this blog, the industrial battery experts at Valen take a look at what battery design life actually refers to as well as some of the different types of battery technologies and their average expected design life.


Which battery is right for my application


So firstly, what is battery design life? And how does it work?

Design life refers to the number of operative years you can expect to get out of a battery before it ultimately fails to hold charge anymore and stops working.

However, it’s important to note that when a battery manufacturer specifies a design life for a battery, they do so under the assumption that the battery will be installed correctly and will always operate within ideal operating conditions i.e. the “perfect world”. A world where the battery is on constant charge, at a certain temperature, experiences a limited number of light discharge cycles and is also regularly and properly maintained.

As these conditions are not always achieved in the “real world”, the actual design life of a battery will always be altered by variations in the operating conditions mentioned above.


Different battery technology configurations and expected design life

Each type of battery configuration has a general/average stated design life based on the historical life of the battery type in various applications.

The below is an outline of different battery configurations and their average expected design life:

  • Automotive car type batteries: 4 years
  • VRLA monobloc AGM 6V/12V batteries: 5 years
  • VRLA monobloc Gel 6V/12V batteries: 10 to 12 years
  • VRLA AGM front terminal batteries: 10 years
  • VRLA Gel front terminal batteries: 15 years
  • VRLA AGM 2V batteries: 12 years
  • VRLA Gel 2V batteries: 20 years
  • Lithium Phosphate batteries: in excess of 7 years

Obviously, these are very basic guidelines and as mentioned above, will vary depending on the manufacturer, installation parameters, conditions the battery is subject to, and the maintenance schedule.


Which battery is right for my application


Want to get the maximum life possible from your deep cycle battery system?

For tips on how to make sure your deep cycle batteries last for as long as possible,   check out our blog post: How can I prolong the life of my deep cycle VRLA batteries?

Or you can always contact our friendly team for additional support. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about battery design life.

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Written by Valen

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