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How to Test my UPS Battery

This entry was posted on 01/05/2020 04:16:50 PM by Valen

How to Test my UPS Battery

UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply units are found in many mission-critical power applications. The task at hand that they perform in the case of a power outage is invaluable.

BUT! Do you know if your UPS will rise to the occasion if the time comes?

In this blog, the Valen team give you a few handy tips to ensure your UPS will be ready when the time comes.


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Is the UPS sized correctly?

It is essential to ensure that your UPS is adequately sized so it can carry the complete power load for the specified time of a power outage. If you are unsure, it is best to call out to the UPS service provider or OEM. Bear in mind that any additional equipment added to the original infrastructure will reduce the UPS run-time. 

For example, in a hospital theatre, if additional lighting was added to the existing infrastructure, the UPS run-time will be reduced according to the amount of power consumer to run the lighting during an outage. 



Regular professional maintenance is required to ensure that the UPS remains in shipshape condition. Maintenance may involve the UPS service technician visiting site and assessing the current run-times and more.

It is important to remember that with age, your battery capacity will reduce. Capacity must be checked regularly, especially if the UPS is powering a mission-critical site such as emergency telecommunications. 

All external battery packs will need to be tested as well. 

Individual UPS manufacturers will have detailed installation and operation manuals which will need to be compiled with to retain original warranties and efficient UPS systems. 



The batteries are the main component of any UPS. The UPS will only run as efficiently as the battery's condition; therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you have quality batteries that will deliver their required run-time. If you are unsure of how the batteries will hold up, talk to a UPS professional who will be able to support. 

Battery load testing is recommended to assess the absolute battery capacity at any given time. However, impedance testing is a quick, easy and accurate option if the battery readings can be obtained and recorded over the life of the battery system. Impedance readings can be completed live circuit so this will save a tremendous amount of valuable time on site. 


Technical questions on whether your system is mission-critical ready? 

Reach out to the team at Valen who will be happy to look at your system and recommend a complete UPS and battery solution for you! 

To talk to one of our skilled experts, click here

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