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New & Improved RE856 Battery Impedance Tester

This entry was posted on 13/09/2017 02:58:33 PM by Valen

BT RE856The RE856 Live Circuit Battery Impedance Tester is the dependable and ideal battery impedance tester for technicians in many different industries including Communications and Water! Innovation is key to our industry and we are continuously finding ways to improve our products and services for our clients; the RE856 is no exception.

When a complete system shut down is not an option, the RE856 Live Circuit Battery Impedance Tester will test a range of batteries without the need for disconnecting them. This is ideal for maintenance inspections needed within high and medium voltage systems, UPS, telecommunications, and other emergency back-up applications.

This high-quality tester allows the engineer to simultaneously measure open-circuit voltage, internal resistance, current, terminal temperature and Ah capacity - all whilst the battery is still connected and operating! Allowing the engineer or technician to be able to test quickly, accurately and above all, safely.


Data Logging

The RE856 Live Circuit Battery Impedance Tester includes a data logging function for monitoring battery condition over a set period in real time. It also has a load test analysis feature for recording how much current is passing through the battery under load conditions. A built-in comparator enables the engineer or technician to store up to 99 sets of various battery types for testing and analysis.
We've made it easier than ever for technicians to view their data results! The latest RE856 is supplied with a USB cable rather than the old RS-232. The RE856 enables engineers to download recorded results on to a PC using the USB cable provided.
RE856 Cords

Innovative Features

  • Test conditions without shutting down the battery system
  • Check battery condition within seconds, WITH the battery in service!
  • Simultaneously measure battery resistance, voltage, current and temperature!
  • Auto-hold and auto-data storage
  • Comparator function
  • Rates conditions as pass, warning or fail
  • Memory and read function
  • Compact and lightweight hand-held tester
  • USB-PC Interface


  • Four-terminal test probe for simultaneous measurements of battery voltage and internal resistance
  • Heavy duty croc-clip test lead for testing battery temperature
  • Clamp adaptor for measuring battery load current
  • Zero adjustment board
  • USB Cable
  • Operation and Software manual
  • CD with PC Software
  • DCA current adaptor
  • and a heavy duty carry case

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