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What’s the difference between Grid Connect, Hybrid and Stand-Alone solar systems?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are used all over the world to supply power to households, businesses and remote installations such as communication towers. There are 3 main solar PV system designs; Grid Connect, Hybrid and Stand-Alone. In this blog, the experts at Valen take a brief look at these 3 system types, explain the differences between.

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VRLA vs Lithium Batteries in Solar Powered Irrigation Pedestals

  As most solar powered pedestals for flume gates and pen stocks in the irrigation industry are used in remote applications, there are a number of challenging factors that need to be overcome in relation to the systems’ batteries. These factors include heat, battery gassing, weight and longevity.   Well-designed and high quality Lithium batteries.

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Why cyclic batteries are essential for solar powered road signs

  Deciding on the right type of industrial battery to use in a solar powered road sign, such as a variable message board, radar/speed sign, or a weather warning sign,  is crucial to ensuring the sign always remains functional.    In this blog post, the experts at Valen explain the importance of using cyclic batteries in solar powered road signs as.

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What’s the difference between PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers?

A highly critical component of any solar system, whether it’s used for powering a communications tower, road sign or even a caravan, is the solar charge controller. A solar charge controller is a device used to control the charge coming in from a solar system to the batteries. They are essential in ensuring batteries are not overcharged.  

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What's the Advantage of Gel Batteries for Solar System?

  Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery suppliers will always tell you that Gel batteries should be installed in solar systems.  But why? What's the advantages of Gel batteries for solar systems? Why can't I install an AGM battery in a solar system? The team at Valen are here to support you with information as to why you should be installing.

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