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VRLA vs Lithium Batteries in Elevators and Lifts

Back-up power for an Elevator and Lift applications demand a reliable, high-quality battery that will perform when you need it most. Absorbent Glass Matting (AGM) batteries are widely used in elevators and lifts as opposed to Lithium batteries. 

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How to Safely Transport Valen Lithium Phosphate Batteries via Road Freight

We've all seen the news articles saying Lithium batteries aren't safe for transport, Lithium batteries are dangerous.

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What size Lithium battery charger do I need?

Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are now widely used in a range of applications, from mobility scooters to caravans to providing back up power for remote communications towers.  When you install a Lithium battery for any type of application, you need to ensure you’re using the correct battery charger for the technology and the size of the.

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Why cyclic batteries are essential for solar powered road signs

  Deciding on the right type of industrial battery to use in a solar powered road sign, such as a variable message board, radar/speed sign, or a weather warning sign,  is crucial to ensuring the sign always remains functional.    In this blog post, the experts at Valen explain the importance of using cyclic batteries in solar powered road signs as.

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4 Benefits of using a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Remote Communications

  A common issue for those working on mission-critical, remote communications projects is choosing the right battery technology to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are met across different sites.  Guaranteeing uptime and arranging maintenance can be particularly difficult for solar-powered remote locations.  Thankfully, Lithium batteries.

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How to Safely Handle Lithium Phosphate Batteries


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