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Cost of Pickup Vs the Cost of Delivery

Have you ever calculated the cost of your technicians picking up their batteries on the way to an installation?

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What's the difference between Cold Cranking Amps and Cranking Amps?

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) or Cranking Amps (CA) are ratings used when referring to the current (power) that a battery can output. 

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AGM vs Gel Batteries in Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs

A high quality and reliable rechargeable battery is essential for powering any mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Gel batteries are widely used in mobility aids as opposed to AGM batteries. Over the years, many of our customers have asked us why this is the case.

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How to meet battery compliance in fire protection systems

It is essential that technicians, and anyone attending site, stay safe around fire protection systems and the supporting batteries. After all…these systems are there to protect lives and assets.

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Why AGM batteries should be used in fire systems

  Fire panels, hydrants and sprinkler systems all depend on batteries to function in the event of an emergency.   For technicians in the fire systems industry, selecting the right type of battery is critical to ensure its compliant, meets specifications and will supply power to the equipment its connected to.  

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AGM vs Gel - which battery technology is best for my mains powered communication site?

Phone towers, radio repeaters, base stations - they all rely on some form of battery system, whether it's an AGM battery or a Gel battery for energy storage and back-up power.

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How to correctly conduct load testing on batteries used in fire systems

Batteries used to start pumps in fire systems play an integral role in protecting the lives of people in both residential and commercial buildings.  Technicians who install and maintain fire systems are required to conduct regular battery load testing in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851.2012. This Standard outlines specific requirements.

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Which battery for fire pumps & panels?

You need to install an approved battery into your fire pump or panel. But how do you know which battery technology or brand is the correct one to install?  Valen has the solution for you with information and an answer to your questions.   

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Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers

Looking for Fire Compliant Batteries & Battery Testers? Concerned about your Battery or Battery Testing equipment product compliance? At Valen, we understand the seriousness of product compliance within the fire industry. So we ensure the following products are backed by the necessary certifications and standards.

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