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Which Battery Tester is correct for Testing Lift & Elevator Batteries?

This entry was posted on 17/08/2020 03:11:59 PM by Valen

Which Battery Tester is correct for Testing Lift & Elevator Batteries

How do you know your lift and elevator batteries are performing? 

Which battery tester should you use to test the lift and elevator batteries? 

In this blog, the team at Valen provide a quick guide to choosing the VRLA battery tester for testing your lift and elevator battery system. For a table guide reference, click on the link to view our Battery Tester Comparison chart. 


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Indicative Battery Testers 

Valen carries two indicative battery testers in stock - the Chrome IBT and the 612 IBT. 

Intelligent battery testers (IBT) are small, smart and quick. Perfect for testing VRLA lift and elevator batteries on-site. Below, Valen goes into the differences between the two different testers. 

Chrome Intelligent Battery Tester

Our Chrome Intelligent Battery Tester (IBT) is small, portable and gives a quick result making it ideal for technicians out on the road. It is, however, an indicative measure of the battery capacity and is only recommended over a small battery range to ensure accurate results. 

612 Intelligent Battery Tester

Valen's 612 Intelligent Battery Tester (IBT) is robust, portable and provides quick results, making it ideal for technicians out on the road. But, this battery tester is indicative only and is recommended over a small battery range for accurate results. 

Indicative Battery Testers


Load Battery Testers 

Valen stocks three different load testers - the Battery and Charger Analyser (BACA), the Captester and the Constant Current Load Tester (CCOLT). However, if you are looking to test lift batteries on-site, an indicative tester is the easiest way to go. For more in-depth analytical in-house testing, Valen recommends trying the BACA battery tester as detailed below. 

Battery and Charger Analyser (BACA)

Valen's Battery and Charger Analyser (BACA) is accurate, allows the user to store and produce printed reports for their clients, and has the cyclic ability for up to 200 cycles. Once the battery has cycled, it will need to be recharged. 

  • Batteries tested: VRLA AGM (Topin & X-CEL) and Gel batteries
  • Voltage: 12 Volt nominal
  • Capacity: 0.8Ah to 200Ah
  • Test type: Cyclic discharge
  • Location: In-house testing



Want to know more about Battery Testing Equipment?

Do you need advice choosing the correct battery tester for your application? The team at Valen are ready to help! 

We have extensive experience in battery testing equipment within many applications. Talk to one of our friendly battery experts today, simply click here to get in touch.

Written by Valen

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