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Which battery tester is best for testing mobility scooter batteries?

This entry was posted on 09/12/2019 04:28:40 PM by Valen

Which battery tester is best for testing mobility scooter batteries

Is there a battery tester will test both the batteries and the battery charger? 

Which battery tester will give me the best value for money or return on investment (ROI)? 

In this blog, the experts at Valen provide a quick guide to choosing the VRLA battery tester for your mobility scooter battery services. 


The Complete Battery Guide for Mobility Aid Dealers


There are 3 different types of battery testers available for VRLA batteries. 

  • Indicative - works on a pulse load technology, 
  • Discharge Load - discharges the battery, giving an absolute capacity result, 
  • Impedance - measures the impedance of the battery, and the result is used as a comparator over time. 



Indicative battery testers work on a pulse load technology. This technology means the tester applies a fast pulse load to the battery and compares the result with a preformatted table within the battery tester. 

This test is high-speed and handy for an on the spot indication of each battery's state. 

The downside for use in a mobility service is that many factors can cause the indicative test to read incorrectly. These factors can cause the indicative test to read incorrectly. These factors include incorrect connection to the battery, charge voltage of the battery, temperature and VRLA battery technology. 


Discharge Load

Battery discharge load testers are generally suggested for use in a mobility scooter and electric wheelchair application. These load testers are more expensive than the indicative battery tester but give an accurate absolute reading of the battery's capacity rather than an indicator. 

The battery needs to be bought into a workshop or service centre to conduct the test as it may take up to a couple of hours depending on the type of discharge tester used. 

It is recommended that the battery being tested has been fully charged and floated for several hours. The battery can then be placed on the discharge tester and the load run. The tester will store the results which can then be downloaded to allow for a quick and easy report. This report enables the technician to see the capacity of the battery. The report also allows the technician to view how the battery has responded to the test.

In some cases, the battery under test will recover with a few tests showing that an external factor has caused the failure. 

Valen Load Testers

There are a variety of load testers available depending on your requirements, however mostly the 12V Battery and Charger Analyser (BACA) or Captester are preferred by mobility specialists. 

The 12V BACA allows the user to cycle a VRLA battery a preset number of times which results in a more precise analysis of the battery state. 

On the other hand, the Captester also conducts a full 12V battery test. Once the analysis is complete on both batteries, a 24V battery charger can be connected to the Captester with both 12V batteries in series, and a charge runs through the system analysing the 24V mobility scooter battery charger as well. 



Impedance battery testers are the third type of VRLA battery testers

These battery testers used comparative readings to determine the life of the battery. Impedance testers are an option for someone regularly servicing the same mobility scooter batteries as they will be able to build up a table of comparative results. 

Impedance testers will often identify a potential battery fault by a rapid drop in impedance before the mobility scooter fails. 

These testers are very quick but can be pricey - therefore the mobility scooter specialist generally prefers the battery discharge load testers mentioned above. 


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The Complete Battery Guide for Mobility Aid Dealers

Written by Valen

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